How Personal Training is Changing the Way I Train

Ever since starting my fitness journey in 2014, I have always been self-sufficient in the gym. I found online workout challenges through Instagram, researched how to perform movements I didn’t know how to do and held myself accountable for working out. I always felt like I didn’t need anyone else to help me train and get to the goals I wanted to achieve. 

Now after not being able to go to a gym for the past few months, I felt somewhat intimidated to head back into the gym. I decided to call up my friend Kevin Barcarse who does Personal Training at PRO Club in Bellevue to see if I could work with him to ease me back into my normal routine. 

To be completely honest, I went in with the idea that I would just be using Kevin to gain access to the gym. With Washington State in the Safe Start Phases, this was a way I could get back into a free weight center. Also, I know all the machines and movements. What more could I learn, right? 

However, I found that after my first training session, I was quickly humbled.

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Beauty Blogger Tries First Head Spa in PNW

When it comes to healthy hair, my first thought normally doesn’t go to my scalp. However, after hearing about the new Head Spa treatment offered at the Salon at PRO Club, I learned that if you want healthy, gorgeous hair, you need to get to your roots.

Whether you want your hair to grow longer and stronger, you have a scalp concern, or if your hair is dry and damaged, the Head Spa is a detoxifying and clarifying treatment that encourages healthy hair growth. It’s essentially a facial for your head. The treatment involves a cleansing scalp and hair detox with massage and steam therapy.

The Salon at PRO Club is the first in the Pacific Northwest to offer this new treatment and I was invited to the Salon by Jamee, the resident Head Spa guru, to go through the treatment and experience the results for myself.

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