Full Name: Sidney Burk Shea

Hometown: The beautiful Pacific Northwest

Other places I’ve resided: Tempe, Arizona & Portland, Oregon.

Educational Transcript Baggage:

Washington State University – BA in Integrated Strategic Communications
Shoreline Community College – Associates in Communication with Gender Studies focus
The Portland Art Institute – Area of Study: Graphic Design
Arizona State University – Area of Study: Graphic Design

Food and drink I’m craving: Ramen from Boxer Ramen in Portland, Oregon, and a prickly pear margarita from Cactus in Bellevue. Also anything from Trader Joe’s. Don’t get me started. Seriously.

Hobbies: Being a plant mom, leg day at the gym, exploring farmer’s markets, and making kombucha.

I also love to try out new breweries and pretending I know how to ski.

Communication background: My passion for magazines and journalism started from watching “Phil of the Future” on Disney Channel.

In 4th grade, I made my first magazine.

In 6th grade, I was upset that we didn’t have a student newspaper so I created one. I managed a staff of editors and writers, sweet-talked the teachers into letting me print it and even contacted local businesses for advertising.

In middle school, I worked on the yearbook and was the editor of our student newspaper.

Throughout high school, I took journalism and was the design editor (*hint why I went for graphic design instead of journalism). I also was on the editorial board and helped bring some groundbreaking stories to our little paper. I fell in love with creating infographics that helped get complicated information across in a simplistic design.